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My name is Oli Lyon, I grew up near Guildford, Surrey. 


I studied Fine Art at Chelsea Art College in London. I had a great experience at art school and art has remained a major part of my life, I am always creating or thinking about the next painting. I am looking forward to being inspired by seeing the world from the perspective of two wheels! I am fortunate that I live in a part of the world that enabled me to have this type of education which is why I feel the work done by the charity, ‘School in a Bag’, is so important.


I have always enjoyed cycling, using it as my main form of transport for many years. Most recently during lockdown, the pace of cycling has provided a great escape into the countryside - no matter the weather. When at home I spend most of my time reconditioning old road bikes for selling and painting.


​I can’t wait to get going and am hoping to raise a good amount of money for charity on the way.

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My name is Marcus Pillinger, I’ve lived in Guildford, Surrey for most of my life and have recently moved back here after a few years in London to embark on this journey! I studied in London and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Biochemistry.


Growing up in the hills around Guildford, I have always been an ‘outdoorsy’ person and cycling has been part of that since going on rides with my Dad as a child. I am also a keen cook and photographer, skills I’ll definitely be deploying on the tour as we camp after a long day's ride, and to document our trip.


I have never embarked on a trip this big before and I’m relishing the challenge.

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