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Oli's new tour bike

So my tour bike that I have been riding for about 2000miles has decided to break. Unfortunately one of the seat stays started to crack on the steel frame, this has indicated that the frame was not heavy duty enough to be up to the job of carrying me and my kit around the world. Thankfully this happened now and not in the middle of nowhere during the tour!

Anyway the frame is a write off so I had to find a new one which became quite difficult as it seems impossible to find one with the same specs and part compatibility with the components I currently have.

In the end I came across a great deal on ebay for a 'Cube Tour' which has a strong aluminium frame. The bike came with some cheap components that I replaced with the parts from the broken bike. It did have a suspension fork that but I changed that for a rigid aluminium fork. I have also added a suspension seat post.

I have put about 500 miles on the bike so far and I am really enjoying it. The frame is certainly stronger and the different geometry actually fits me better than the old bike.

RIP Dawes, we had some good times together.

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